This area now known as Barnegat Light was first deeded in 1692 by the English Crown. The town itself began in 1881 with the formation of the Barnegat City Improvement Company with the intentions of developing it as an area for recreation and tourism. The present day lay out of the town – the streets, blocks, and lots--was the pattern set by the Company.

Barnegat Light is unique because the beaches and dunes are owned by the town. In 1904 Barnegat City seceded from Long Beach Township and became an independent Borough. The town was also incorporated as a separate political entity in 1904. The name Barnegat City remained for another 44 years. In 1948 a referendum was created changing the name to Barnegat Light.

The Barnegat Lighthouse, “Old Barney”, is a big part of our town and has its own history. It is 172 feet tall and has 217 steps. It was designed by General George Meade and was commissioned January 1, 1859. It is the second tallest lighthouse in the United States. On January 1, 2009 the beam was relit after being in the dark since 1944.

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