Van Drew One of Two Democratic No-Votes on Impeachment Inquiry

Photo by: Ryan Morrill

Second District Rep. Jeff Van Drew was one of just two Democrats to vote no on the resolution the House of Representatives passed on Thursday to go ahead and formalize the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

The mostly partisan vote was 232 to 196. Not a single Republican crossed to aisle to support the impeachment inquiry. Van Drew was joined by Democratic Rep. Collin Peterson of Minnesota in straying from his party line. One ex-Republican, now Independent Justin Amash of Michigan, supported the resolution.

“Today, I voted Nay on H.Res. 660,” said Van Drew, whose congressional district includes all of Southern Ocean County save half of Stafford and all of Barnegat Township, in a prepared statement. “Without bipartisan support I believe this inquiry will further divide the country tearing it apart at the seams and will ultimately fail in the Senate.”

Van Drew, though, didn’t totally close and lock the door on impeachment.

“However, now that the vote has taken place and we are moving forward I will be making a judgment call based on all the evidence presented by these investigations. My hope is that we are still able to get some work done to help the American people like infrastructure, veteran’s benefits, environmental protection, immigration reform, reducing prescription drug cost, and strengthening Social Security.”

The area’s other representative, Andy Kim, whose 3rd Congressional District includes half of Stafford and all of Barnegat, joined most of his fellow Democrats in supporting the resolution.

“My vote today is a vote for transparency, accountability and responsibility to the Constitution,” Kim’s statement read. “The role of Commander in Chief is a sacred duty of the Presidency, and any allegation of abuse of power must be investigated with seriousness and purpose.

“My focus remains on fighting for the people of Burlington and Ocean Counties. It’s why this month I introduced bills that would lower health care costs for seniors and empower small businesses to grow, and today I introduced a bipartisan bill to help returning veterans find work. We have to be able to keep addressing the problems on the ground that affect people’s daily lives while we pursue the truth and defend our Democracy.”


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