Tuckerton Seaport Celebrates Women’s Suffrage at Lady Magpie’s Tearoom

On Sunday, Feb. 9, from noon to 3 p.m. the Tuckerton Seaport will host a 100th anniversary celebration of New Jersey’s ratification of the 19th constitutional amendment, which granted women’s right to vote. New Jersey’s ratification was number 29 out of the 36 required.

The celebration will be held in the parlor of the Captain’s House, otherwise known as Lady Magpie’s Steam-Powered Tea Room, which reopens on Feb. 6. The parlor will feature a women’s suffrage exhibit for guests to enjoy, in addition to excerpts from the diary of Eleanor Price. Guests will be served ice cream as they learn the little known connection between ice cream parlors and women’s suffrage.

The tearoom will have a full menu available.


Reposted from The Sandpaper, Feb. 3, 2020