Storm Belts Area With Snow, Followed By Big Chill

Last week’s snowstorm resulted in accumulations ranging from 12 to 18 inches in Ocean County, according to the National Weather Service office in Mount Holly.

“South and east portions of the state had the heaviest snowfall, while accumulations were considerably lower north and west,” said Patrick O’Hara, staff meteorologist. He said snow totals in Tuckerton and Waretown were 17.5 inches, while Manahawkin had 17 inches. Barnegat Light recorded 12.9 inches.

The highest accumulation was 18.3 inches, for Berkeley Township.

“Most of the reports came from trained spotters who have taken weather-related courses and know how to precisely measure snow,” said O’Hara. “There was some considerable drifting in spots because you had that dry, powdery snow and high winds.”

Snow began falling late Wednesday night and lasted until early Thursday evening.

“It looked like heaviest snowfall hit early to mid-afternoon on Thursday,” said O’Hara.

Then after the skies cleared, temperatures plummeted into the single digits, and wind chills fell below zero for three straight nights.

The Harvey Cedars Police Department was proactive in issuing blizzard and other weather-related warnings.

“We were fortunate that a lot of people took our (advice and) stayed home,” said Police Chief Robert Burnaford. “We posted photos of how bad the conditions were. We also wanted to update the many people who are summer residents who were concered about the storm.”

Burnaford said drifts took their toll on public works.

“They had to clear streets several times because after they would finish a street, more snow would blow back on,” he said.

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