NJ Purchases Online Platform for Recycling Education

The state is purchasing an online program to centralize all county and town recycling information in an app residents can access on smart devices and computers. New Jersey is the first state to offer the Recycle Coach app, free of charge, to provide recycling information in a clear and concise manner, and in an effort to help increase recycling rates.

“Recycling is something most of us do every day, and the Recycle Coach app will help us reach even more people to remind them about how they can help the environment,” said N.J. Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Martin. “In turn, this tool will help all New Jerseyans in achieving our recycling goals and demonstrate our state’s ongoing commitment as a national leader in recycling.”

The app is already in use in 92 New Jersey communities, including Long Beach Township, and will become available statewide in early 2018.

“Recycling is a tool for sustainable materials management,” LBT Sustainability Coordinator Angela Andersen noted, and the app is “a tool that makes recycling easier to understand.”

After downloading the app to a smartphone or accessing it through a county or municipal website, Recycle Coach users can input their address to access a variety of information: what is recyclable, when to put out recyclables and solid waste for pickup, specific communication from a resident’s county or town, educational podcasts, interactive quizzes and and more.

“People today get their information from many different sources, and DEP recognizes that adapting to today’s technologies can help us grow our recycling outreach to the public,” said Mark Pedersen, assistant commissioner for site remediation and waste management. “Through Recycle Coach, residents will be able to get reminders of when to put out their waste for collection and recycling, be advised of pickup schedule changes due to weather or truck breakdowns, and access information through the app or other online platforms. Our partnership with this app is a great way to remind the public about the importance of recycling.”

Recycling has been a statewide priority for more than three decades. In April 1987, New Jersey became the first state to require residents to recycle; the statewide Mandatory Source Separation and Recycling Act mandates recycling for residents, businesses and institutions such as schools and hospitals.

In 2015, New Jersey recycled 43 percent of its municipal residential waste, which is above the national average of 34 percent, and within reach of the state’s longstanding goal of a 50 percent recycling rate.

“We’re very excited the New Jersey DEP shares our vision of an online community where residents and levels of government come together to generate better recycling outcomes,” remarked Recycle Coach President Creighton Hooper. “Recycle Coach makes it easier for residents to get the personalized information they need, while local governments enjoy operational efficiencies and lower communication costs.”

To learn more about Recycle Coach, visit recyclecoach.com. For information on recycling in New Jersey, visit nj.gov/dep/dshw/recycling.

– Reposted from The Sandpaper