Ocean County College Receives Funding for Veterans’ Stories

Ocean County College has received a number of grants and donations to support an upcoming installment of the series “Beyond the Classroom,” designed to bring OCC students and members of the community together to engage with topics that explore the human spirit. With the recent funding, the college’s Repertory Theatre and the Jay and Linda Grunin Center for the

Route 72 Resurfacing Project to Begin Later This Month

An $8.6 million federally funded road resurfacing project in Stafford Township, which encompasses six miles of Route 72 east and west, isn’t expected to impact the flow of traffic to Long Beach Island this summer. State Department of Transportation officials said the project isn’t related to the $350 million Route 72/Manahawkin Bay Bridge project. The road resurfacing will take

Barnegat Light Building Height Change May Be Shot Down

An overwhelming show of hands at Saturday’s Barnegat Light Taxpayers Association meeting may result in tabling a controversial proposal to raise the building height limit to 32 feet. “I think we’re going to table it,” Mayor Kirk Larson said on Tuesday, the day before the monthly Borough Council meeting. “I’m not going to push something that people don’t want.”

Homemade Comfort Food Focus at Beach Buns

If smell is really the strongest memory trigger is it any wonder nostalgia is what’s for breakfast at Beach Buns, a new business in Surf City run by a familiar face. Rob Padavano’s new venture may have only opened its doors in time for Memorial Day weekend, but he and his creations have been here before. In fact, Beach Buns, located at 610 N. Long Beach Blvd. in Surf City, is

Online Web Portal Rentals Are Riling the Hospitality Industry

Measures to tax and license “transient accommodations” such as Airbnb online rentals are advancing in the New Jersey Legislature. New Jersey Tourism Industry Association Executive Director Joseph Simonetta outlined an update to an interested audience at a Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting recently. First, to clarify what the bills are not:

Manahawkin Kmart on List of Closures

ONE LESS OPTION: A lonely interior may have forecasted it for some time, but final news came in a company correspondence Tuesday, June 6, that the Manahawkin Kmart on Route 72 is on the latest list of 72 Kmart and Sears stores that will be closed, most in September. Business Insider magazine released the information. Sears Holdings spokesman Howard Riefs had said in a

Teens Get Primer on Finding Summer Jobs

Lori Pepenella, chief executive officer of the Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce, recently gave a course on how to look and apply for summer jobs at the Oasis Family Success Center, located at St. Mary’s Church in Barnegat. The 20 attendees included 14- to 17-year-old students and their parents. Pepenella brought them working papers as well as information on the r

Bicycle Safety Starts With Knowing the Rules of the Road

Bicycle safety is more than just making sure the tires are properly inflated and you have the appropriate helmet and other safety gear. Whether bicycling for leisure, exercise or sport, there’s something every bicyclist needs to know about doing it in New Jersey: Rules and regulations fall under Chapter 39, which also dictates motor vehicle and traffic laws. For the throngs of

Boulevard Cameras Allow Public to Monitor Flooding and Traffic

Long Beach Township is currently implementing phase one of a project to install cameras on Long Beach Boulevard to allow residents, business owners and visitors to check road conditions, such as flooding and traffic, with an app that accesses the camera view. The first cameras will be situated on the Boulevard in the area of 35th Street in Brant Beach, facing north and

MTV Filming ‘Beach House’ on LBI

MTV is busy on Long Beach Island. On Thursday, the channel announced in a press release that it would be reviving its “MTV Beach House” show, which was a hit in the 1990s. What MTV didn’t announce was the program is being shot on LBI. “MTV and Mtn Dew Spiked Lemonade today announced,” reads the press release, “that they will bring back an iconic ‘MTV Beach House’

Barnegat Light Taxpayers to Meet June 10

Spend Saturday morning at the general meeting of the Barnegat Light Taxpayers Association and walk out knowing so much more about what’s going on in town. The association’s first general meeting of the season will occur on June 10, starting at 9:30 a.m. at the Barnegat Light First Aid Squad building on West 10th Street. Several speakers are scheduled. Ocean County

Letter to the Editor: Logical Measure

I own a home in Barnegat Light and am in favor of the idea of increasing the height of homes in our town to 32 feet for a number of reasons. I think it would be a logical and prudent way to manage the height level while maintaining Barnegat Light’s overall character. Since Superstorm Sandy, and to my understanding Long Beach Township and all towns on the Island have

LIFF Documentaries Have Local and Regional Connections

Unless you live in a big city or near a major university town or are a film festival fan you’re unlikely to have many chances to see documentary films. Sure, you can find some on PBS. But the Public Broadcast System’s federal funding is once again being threatened. Meanwhile, the odds of your local multiplex theater dedicating even one screen to documentaries are about as