Learn About Plover Preservation Project at LBI’s North End

Get the answers to any questions on the just-completed sand excavation project for piping plover preservation at a talk at the Barnegat Lighthouse State Park Visitors Center on Saturday, March 23. The 1 p.m. lecture will be given by Todd Pover, senior wildlife biologist for Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey.

Barnegat Light was once one of the most important sites in New Jersey for beach-nesting birds, including the endangered piping plover. Pover will explain the state/federal restoration project to make the site more suitable to nesters once again.

“I will also be doing an informal walk on the beach immediately afterwards to show people the restoration and look for piping plovers, as they should be arriving back to breed about then,” he added.

The phase done this January and February involved “clearing of some of the vegetation and re-grading of the dunes to be more suitable for piping plovers,” Pover said.

The next phase, next winter, will be further clearing and grading and building a five-acre foraging pond. (See also this week’s fishing column.)

– M.S.

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