LBI School District, Surf City Library a Perfect, Productive Pair

Ship Bottom, NJ — Each month, Kristen Crepezzi, librarian for children and teen services at the Long Beach Island branch of the Ocean County Library, in Surf City, travels one town south, to Ship Bottom, to visit the students at the LBI Grade School. She works with Wendy Yeaeger, district enrichment and technology teacher, to bring new exciting books and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) lessons to the youngsters.

“Mrs. Yeager’s Media Center is not always a quiet place to sit and read a book,” the district explains. “It is an exciting, interactive environment where students can learn and express themselves freely. We are lucky to have such a wonderful librarian to work with.”

In November, Crepezzi stopped by to familiarize the kids with “snap books,” which allows the students to borrow audio books from the library. “She introduced a few popular titles, and then the fourth-graders designed their own reading house with Makedo cardboard construction tools,” the district noted. “Each team planned and designed a house where they could listen to or read a book. The students used their engineering skills and creativity to make unique structures to enjoy their favorite novel.”

This month, the sixth-graders are creating their own holiday commercials, skits, “ways to get on Santa’s good list,” cooking recipes or elf applications, with a green screen. “The students are always so eager to create with their Chromebooks and then use the green screen to make their words come to life,” said the district.

“We are fortunate to have so many innovative learning experiences with our Ocean County Library, Surf City branch,” remarked Superintendent Peter Kopack. “During the summer months, our Long Beach Island School District families and friends are able to share in summer reading experiences and activities at the library with teachers and administration.

“When school starts, it’s great to have Ms. Crepezzi and Mrs. Yeager collaborate on STEAM lessons and reading experiences at the schools. The lessons are full of higher-level thinking and problem solving. At the same time, it’s great to see the students have fun in learning.”


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