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A plugin to manage site members. The registration form should now appear in the multi-column … Removes notices when role field is present in the profile form. Thank you to the translators for their contributions. Fixes a bug to sync roles with users in Edit Roles. Located in UM > Settings > Advanced > Stop generating profile slugs in member directory. I was trying to use Ultimate Member to add custom fields to my WordPress registration form. Added dependency functions for extensions: Added unique IDs to the form fields at the Profile’s view mode, Added restrictions for WP > Users list table based on UM Roles capabilities, Removed additional slashes in the UM custom roles titles, Fixed cleaning user old uploads and integration with Social activity & Groups files, Fixed Info window fields (hide fields without metakeys), Fixed PHP warning in conditional logic function, Fixed member directory preloader when using a slider filter, Fixed ‘redirect_to’ attribute and approving user on registration, Added account privacy setting for the avoiding profile indexation, Added setting “Change image orientation” based on image EXIF data, Added setting “Account Deletion without password Custom Text”, Fixed security lacks for ‘redirect_to’ attributes, Fixed account submission when change a password, Fixed updating UM roles metadata (WP capabilities section) when 3rd-party plugins update the caps for the UM roles, Fixed member directory roles in query (the case when selected some roles, but current user can see another only), Fixed member directory list dropdown init after changing view type, Fixed member directory admin filtering by the ‘user_registered’ field, Fixed validation when using HTML in textarea, Fixed conditional logic for file/image-type fields, Fixed “get_profile_photo_size” function (avoid PHP notice with array_combine), Fixed password reset/change form when other forms are initialized at the same page, Fixed getting extension updates on multisites, Fixed the ‘wp_authenticate_user’ filter’s variables (changed username string to WP_User object), Fixed SEO link canonical for the profile page, Fixed displaying error & notice when the text is empty, Deprecated JS event ‘um_before_modal_removed’, use wp.hooks action ‘um_before_modal_removed’ instead, Added The profile page SEO meta tags for OG, Twitter and schema.org, Added filter to the field’s privacy option for the 3rd-party integrations ‘um_field_privacy_options’, Added layout changes to show email notification description in Settings > Email screen, Added member directory option ‘Exclude specific users’, Added filter for the changing redirect after profile edited ‘um_update_profile_redirect_after’, Tweak: apply_shortcodes() function support, Tweak: nav-menu custom fields using ‘wp_nav_menu_item_custom_fields’ hook, Fixed custom meta table fields migration (create, edit, remove field actions), Fixed wp-login.php and UM login form validation/errors triggers when using email for login, Fixed profile form duplicates, show only the first form shortcode on the page for the user with selected role, Fixed creating user uploads directory on registration, Fixed Role fields validation on registration, Fixed Erase User Data field on the Account page, Fixed clickable links in the UM forms which are displayed in a modal window, Fixed disabling select and textarea fields in inactive tabs on Account, Fixed compatibility with jQuery 3.x and ‘load’ event, Added number field-type to member directory filters, Changed export/erase personal data in account page, Fixed PHP notice ‘form_id’ on account submission, Fixed birthday range for member directory filter, Fixed fields visibility when user can edit other users, Fixed edit mode for Role (Dropdown/Radio) fields (getting editable priority role), Updated select2 JS library to 4.0.12 version, Added a few member directories PHP and JS filters for 3rd-party integrations, Added labels for member directories filters to increase Accessibility points in Audit, Added sanitizing $_GET variables in wp-admin side, Fixed fields’ options if they contains spaces in the start and the end of option (added trim), Fixed issue with not editable fields and their visibility, Fixed displaying header with member counts, Fixed JS errors with not defined tinyMCE on Forms builder, Fixed issues with “key => value” fields (dropdown + multiselect) if ‘um_select_options_pair’ filter is used, Fixed Ultimate Member wrapper’s visibility on add/edit user page (wp-admin), Fixed vulnerability with sanitizing $_POST, Fixed last login order on member directories when UM metatable is turned on, Fixed RTL styles at Account page and Member Directory, Added integrations with future extensions, Added filter for changing the order of options in select-type filter, Added GDPR template to get overwritten in the theme directory, Added member directories’ custom sorting labels, Added ability to use custom metatable for faster requests for Member Directories, Added ability to request Erase or Download user data via Privacy tab at the Account page, Added an option to set the “Hide profile from directory” option by default, Fixed [um_loggedin] shortcode render with htmlspecialchars_decode, Fixed checkbox options missing selections with conditional settings, Fixed vulnerability with uploading cover/profile photo for other user ID, Fixed integration with WPML for Account and User pages in case if there are different permalinks for different languages for these pages, Fixed issues with member results JS template, Fixed getting posts count at the Posts tab for 3rd party integrations, Fixed member directories’ admin filtering, Fixed issue with reset filters on member directory, Fixed getting image/file custom fields values in form submission with not validated values, Fixed JS handlers for select-type filters with callback and parent/child relations, Fixed um_convert_tags for array-type values, Added sorting for filters, tagline and reveal section fields, Added universal hook for field’s wrapper and improve rendering the field wrapper attributes, Added returning only existed values for select-type filters, Added checking privacy for custom fields in filters and general search, exclude private fields, Added Form fields validation for E-mail( not unique ), Added $user_id attribute in update profile hooks for proper callbacks, Fixed fields privacy, editable and visibility attributes, Fixed conflict with ‘php_data’ variable in admin JS, Fixed datepicker/timepicker filtering in the member directories, Fixed initialization of datepicker, timepicker, slider filters when the “Show results only after search/filtration” option is active, Fixed callback select-type filters handlers on member directories filters bar, Fixed cover photo thumbnail sizes in member directory, Fixed endless recursion in the function um_check_conditions_on_submit(), Fixed issue that appears if we try to update several plugins at once, Fixed using different templates for different member directories, Fixed form previews, added overlay and displayed buttons, Fixed wp-admin/admin-post.php access issue, Fixed JS templates for list and grid view when user metakeys contain “-” symbol, Fixed JS template list “$show_block” issue, Fixed member directory search if ‘roles_can_search’ is set, Fixed member directory filters bar animation, Fixed admin builder for profile form, show not editable fields, Added member directory filters by range, date and time, Updated member directories’ search engine, Additional parameter ‘user_id’ to action hook ‘um_user_after_updating_profile’, Added ability to set profile/cover image sizes from Ultimate Member -> General -> Uploads settings or Original size, Added ability edit cover photo HTML (e.g.

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