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DanceDanceRevolution is also known as "version 1.0", and the Internet Ranking Version as "version 1.5". The Internet Ranking Version update is the most common version, and includes two new songs and some interface updates. The arcade release marked a total game engine upgrade from the old PlayStation-based boards to a new system built on top of an off-the-shelf PlayStation 2. Easy mode allows the player to play 1 song completely even if the LIFE GAUGE is depleted. Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. In April of the following year, Dancing Stage Fusion was released as an arcade game. 36 "Make It Better (So-Real Mix)" Mitsu-O! The arcade version of Fusion was the first arcade machine in Europe since Dancing Stage EuroMix 2 and set a milestone as the first Dance Dance Revolution arcade machine produced by Konami since Dance Dance Revolution Extreme in 2002. Single MANIAC and Double ANOTHER charts were added. However, some of the videos are shared between the songs. DanceDanceRevolution official english site,, DanceDanceRevolution: September 26th, 1998 (Japan), 1999 (Asia), DanceDanceRevolution Internet Ranking Version: November 18th, 1998. For the 2013 arcade game of the same title, please see DanceDanceRevolution (2013). The PlayStation 2 release of Dancing Stage Fusion features a much larger list of licensed tracks and Konami Originals. MANIAC: On Music Screen, press ←←→→←←→→ on the foot panels and then Enter. "Make It Better" Mitsu-O! Summer: Mitsu-O! The following three lists are playable songs in each respective version of Dancing Stage Fusion. In the Internet Ranking Version, this was expanded to also include ANOTHER Single Play granting a song on MANIAC and BASIC Double Play giving a song on ANOTHER to play. Showing the dance type is a feature only found in DanceDanceRevolution 1st. The game songlist is divided into two parts: Normal mode and Hard mode. VERSUS: After inserting 2 coins, press and hold both the Left and Right arrow and then press Start. Three play style options are available: Single, Double and Couple. Only one modifier was available: the TURN option MIRROR, which required a step code to be entered on the dance stage. DanceDanceRevolution has the first introduction video of the series during the opening credits. Each song have a set of predetermined short animation videos synced to it. This page is for the first DanceDanceRevolution game, released in 1998. It was made available for play on X3 mode on August 2, 2012. Full credits list: DanceDanceRevolution credits., MAKE IT BETTER (So-REAL Mix) is a remix of. For the song of the same title, please see Dance Dance Revolution (song). View on RemywikiMAKE IT BETTER / MITSU-O! MAKE IT BETTER (So-REAL Mix) is a remix of MAKE IT BETTER from Dance Dance Revolution Internet Ranking Ver. The game features an announcer which was used until. The difficulty is selected at the same time as the play mode. The score is now displayed in red instead of blue. This system would not return until. After submitting the score to the official website, the player score will be able to compete for high scores online. The Asian version of DanceDanceRevolution has some changes from the Japanese version of the game: Several of the licenses were absent. The Couple difficulty (not included) is the same as the Single difficulty.

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