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As mentioned under the Items prop section, it is possible to use a function to provide the row data (items), by specifying a function reference via the items prop. The fields prop is used to customize the table columns headings, and in which order the columns of data are displayed. In the scoped field slot, you can toggle the visibility of the row's row-details scoped slot by calling the toggleDetails function passed to the field's scoped slot variable. This context object has the same format as used by items provider functions. Tables with sticky-header enabled will also automatically become always responsive horizontally, regardless of the responsive prop setting, if the table is wider than the available horizontal space. The provider function is called with the following signature: The ctx is the context object associated with the table state, and contains the following properties: The second argument callback is an optional parameter for when using the callback asynchronous method. Note that stacked mode is available but requires some additional markup to generate the cell headings, as described in the Simple tables and stacked mode section below. If there is currently a refresh pending and a new refresh is requested, then only one refresh will occur. Indicate how many columns a cell should take up. The callback function accepts three arguments - value, key, and item, and should return the formatted value as a string (HTML strings are not supported), Example: Custom data rendering with formatter callback function. When no-local-sorting is true, the sort-compare prop has no effect. the number of records that passed the filter test (the length of the first argument), When using provider filtering, you may find that setting the. When using click handlers on the helper components, you will need to apply appropriate aria-* attributes, and set tabindex="0" to make the click actions accessible to screen reader and keyboard-only users. Note: Do not bind any value directly to the value prop. Nuxt.js See docs for scoped header, Default scoped slot for custom rendering of field header. The routine should return either -1 (or a negative value) for a[key] < b[key] , 0 for a[key] === b[key], or 1 (or a positive value) for a[key] > b[key]. Default scoped slot for custom rendering of field footer. Angular Material Table, Filter, Sort, Paging (Current article) Angular Material Progress Bar, Spinner, CheckBox, Card, Select, Expansion Panel ... Usually mobile devices have problems with large tables and sometimes the problem is solved by using a scroll under the table (as bootstrap does with table-responsive class). Slot custom-foot can be optionally scoped, receiving an object with the following properties: Aside from using empty-text, empty-filtered-text, empty-html, and empty-filtered-html, it is also possible to provide custom rendering for tables that have no data to display using named slots. The first time you click, the sorting direction is ascending (A to Z). Refer to the, Set the initial sort direction on this column when it becomes sorted. The slots can be optionally scoped (data in the above example), and will have the following properties: When placing inputs, buttons, selects or links within a head(...) or foot(...) slot, note that head-clicked event will not be emitted when the input, select, textarea is clicked (unless they are disabled). Or, alternatively, set a breakpoint at which the table will return to normal table format by setting the prop stacked to one of the breakpoint values 'sm', 'md', 'lg', or 'xl'. Your data must have a column (specified by setting the primary-key prop to the name of the field) that has a unique value per row in order for transitions to work properly. Its also possible to check/uncheck the radio by use an formatter (return true to check, return false to uncheck). Specifying the primary-key column is handy if you are using 3rd party table transitions or drag and drop plugins, as they rely on having a consistent and unique per row :key value. Clicking on a non-sortable column will clear the sorting (the prop no-sort-reset can be used to disable this feature). Also, When a sortable column header (or footer) is clicked, the event sort-changed will be emitted with a single argument containing the context object of . It is recommended you test your app in as many browser and device variants as possible to ensure your app handles the various inconsistencies with events. Rows that are selected rows will have a class of b-table-row-selected applied to the element. Note: stacked mode with requires that you use the BootstrapVue table helper components. If a function is given, it will be called as, Attributes to be applied to every row on the table. Set true to show the title of column with ‘radio’ or ‘singleSelect’ ‘checkbox’ option. The sort-changed event provides a single argument of the table's current state context object. The stringification also, by default, includes any data not shown in the presented columns. Emitted when the items provider function has returned data. Click again, and the sorting direction will be descending (Z to A): with the help of They also can generate the stacked table, and sticky header and column, markup. The formatter will be called with the syntax, Enable sorting on this column. Slot above the column headers in the `thead` element for user-supplied B-TR with B-TH/B-TD. The default sort-compare routine works similar to the following. Optionally scoped. Custom footer content slot for user supplied B-TR's with B-TH/B-TD. exports: This plugin includes all of the above listed individual Control the order in which ascending and descending sorting is applied when a sortable column header is clicked, by using the sort-direction prop. To help alleviate this type of situation, accepts a debounce timeout value (in milliseconds) via the filter-debounce prop. position in the displayed table rows). The column options is defined in jQuery.fn.bootstrapTable.columnDefaults.. align. Example 2: To compare numbers that are strings numerically, and to ignore case and accents: You can provide your own custom sort compare routine by passing a function reference to the prop sort-compare. See docs for details, When sorting, null and undefined values will be sorted first (or last, depending on 'sort-desc'). Features: Sorts table data alphabetically. You can use the component in conjunction with for providing control over pagination. standard (or custom) Bootstrap base color variants, Bootstrap contextual state applied to individual cells. On Windows this is usually autoscroll, and on macOS and Linux this is usually clipboard paste. See docs for scoped footer, Default scoped slot for custom rendering of field footer. Syncable with the .sync prop modifier, The initial sorting direction to sort an unsorted column by: 'asc', 'desc', or 'last' (to use the previous sort direction), A reference to a function for sort-comparing two rows of data. Return a String and it will be appended into the detail view cell, optionally render the element directly using the third parameter which is a jQuery element of the target cell. '{key}' is the field's key name. Item data of the row being middle clicked. Make any table responsive across all viewports by setting the prop responsive to true. being re-used by Vue's render patch optimization routines).

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