Get a Job! Help Wanted ‘Opps’ Show You Where

Online Postings Are Southern Ocean Chamber Project

Ship Bottom — A Facebook group page, Southern Ocean Job Opps, is active this summer as a site to find all kinds of employment.

Still, not everyone knows they can use it to get a job as a: handyman at a yacht club, bicycle mechanic, fireplace installer, or, get this: production brewer at a brewery.

Dock help at a marina, security guard at a nightclub, certified lifeguard at a campground, all of these are calling out to the right person. Plus there are dozens more openings listed for the more expected summer posts of cleaning, cooks and wait staff.

The site is run through the Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce, and anyone can view it.

Go to the chamber website at, click on the “chamber” heading at the top of the home page, and the Job Opportunities subheading will appear. Click on that, to find the Southern Ocean Job Opps Facebook Group page.

The companies who post the jobs are Southern Ocean Chamber members.

“Anyone is welcome to join” the group, the instructions say, but “only chamber members may post their position to be shared.

“All candidates should follow ‘reply to’ instructions on each individual job posting.”

The vehicle has been around since fall 2017 but seems to be especially active this summer as more companies learned about it or needed to use it. The jobs are not just summer jobs; some are full-time all year.

Southern Ocean Chamber Chief Executive Officer Lori Pepenella said the chamber provides the outreach for chamber members to reach the local workforce.

The group currently has an audience of 1,400 people “coming from all ranges of experience,” she said.

“The feed is updated several times a day with open positions for full-time, part-time and seasonal employment opportunities.”

The Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce has over 500 member businesses and organizations in its 105th year.

Pepenella also noted another action the chamber has been taking over the years, working with visa programs.

“The Southern Ocean Chamber has always worked with our congressmen and legislative groups to help them understand how important access to the workforce is for local business through the popular H2B and J1 Visa programs,” she said.

“There are many requirements that businesses need to fulfill in order to benefit from those programs; however they are necessary to guarantee the workforce to help with seasonal demand.”

Help wanted signs are visible this year as in other recent years. The bright side is that once more schools are out in New Jersey in mid-June, the spring shortage of summer staff eases.


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