Beach Haven School Eyeing Plastic ‘Buddy Bench’

Courtesy of: Beach Haven School District

Beach Haven — The Beach Haven Elementary School is collecting plastic caps and lids to create a “Buddy Bench.” Christopher Meyrick, principal/superintendent, said the project has been spearheaded by Patrice Pottichen, a teacher at the school, and Beverly Tromm.

“A Buddy Bench is a way to ensure that every child has a playmate, a simple and friendly way children can connect with one another during recess,” said Meyrick. “If they need a playmate, they sit on the bench, someone sees them and goes to them to make sure they aren’t left out.”

Meyrick said one bench equals 250 pounds of caps.

“Once all the caps and lids are collected, they’ll be compressed and then made into a bench,” he said. “Our goal is to have it ready in the spring.”

He said the caps and lids can come from many sources – medicine/prescription bottles, drink bottles, milk jugs, flip-top caps, detergents, hair sprays, spray paints, toothpaste and ointment tubes, deodorants, mayonnaise jars, coffee cans, cream cheese, peanut butter jars and more.

“Additionally, the students have been collecting caps, and Mrs. (Deborah) Harkness and her math students have been weighing and analyzing the results monthly,” Meyrick said.

Caps are being accepted during school hours. For more information, call the school at 609-492-7411.


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