Barnegat Light Borough to Hold Some Summer Meetings Outdoors

At its 2019 reorganization meeting Jan. 2, Barnegat Light Borough Council kept the same committee chairmanships, and made one exciting announcement about the July and August meetings: They will be held outside, in the new open-air pavilion on Bayview Avenue and West Seventh Street, weather permitting.

In the event of rain, the July and August meetings will be in borough hall at 10 East Seventh St., where other council meetings are held.

The meeting times were kept the same as recent years – the second Wednesday of each month, with the caucus meeting at 4:30 p.m. and the regular meeting at 5 p.m.

The only change in committee memberships is that Dottie Reynolds and Sam Alloway exchanged places, so to speak, on the public works and water/sewer committees.

The following is the list of mayor and council members and the committees that they chair: Kirk Larson, mayor; Michael Spark, council president, chairman of Finance; Dorothy Reynolds, chairwoman of Beaches and Parks; Frank Mikuletzky, chairman of Public Safety; Ed Wellington, chairman of Public Works; Sam Alloway, chairman of Docks and Harbors; Mary Ellen Foley, chairwoman of Water/Sewer.

The 2019 committees are: Finance – Spark, Wellington, Foley; Water/Sewer – Foley, Spark, Alloway; Public Works – Wellington, Mikuletzky, Reynolds; Beaches and Parks – Reynolds, Foley, Wellington; Docks and Harbors – Alloway, Mikuletzky, Spark; Public Safety – Mikuletzky, Reynolds, Alloway; Personnel – Spark, Wellington, Mikuletzky.

The January regular meeting will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 9.


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